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We Develop Accurate Pre-Construction Budgets

Rock City Mechanical provides general contractors and owners with accurate pre-construction budgets from schematic design narratives through final construction documents.
Through the combination of experience, historical data, and state-of-the-art software, RCM confidently commits to hard dollar costs, guaranteed maximum prices, and integrated project delivery contracts based on incomplete design documents.

Integrated Project Lean Delivery

Rock City Mechanical excels in Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) design/build projects, where setting preconstruction Conditions of Satisfaction is vital for success.

We employ “pull planning” and “last planner” methods to define key preconstruction milestones, including construction document targets, budget checkpoints, and final document submission for permitting. This approach aims to minimize inefficiencies and optimize project outcomes.

Design/Build & Design/Assist

Rock City Mechanical specializes in providing accurate pre-construction budgets to support General Contractors and Owners throughout the project lifecycle.
Leveraging our experience, historical data, and state-of-the-art software, we commit to Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts based on preliminary design documents. We collaborate with the Owner, Architect, Engineer, and General Contractor to manage and potentially reduce the initial budget during the design phase.

Ongoing Budget Management

RCM works with the owner, architect, engineer, and general contractor to maintain and/or reduce the original budget through the completion of the design phase of the project. The budget is analyzed at each level of design submittal and reissue, noting any additions or deletions to the scope and any corresponding cost implications.

Budget Optimization

RCM is adept at working with general contractors, design teams, and ownership groups to drive project costs towards the project’s target budget. Through value engineering and redesign efforts, RCM works to offer alternative solutions that maintain or improve construction quality while driving down costs. Our preconstruction team then works hand in hand with the construction team to ensure these changes are best implemented in the field.