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& Design/Assist

Rock City Mechanical specializes in providing accurate pre-construction budgets to support General Contractors and Owners throughout the project lifecycle.
Leveraging our experience, historical data, and state-of-the-art software, we commit to Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts based on preliminary design documents. We collaborate with the Owner, Architect, Engineer, and General Contractor to manage and potentially reduce the initial budget during the design phase.

Drawing from our wealth of historical cost data and estimating expertise derived from over 500 healthcare projects, we create precise schematic budgets from conceptual drawings. These budgets are continuously evaluated and updated at each design phase, reflecting any scope changes and corresponding cost adjustments.

RCM maintains close partnerships with vendors, monitoring material/commodity price trends and equipment lead times. We communicate this information to the project team to identify equipment requiring early design selection for early release. If necessary, we will offer alternative equipment of equal quality and performance that will better suit the project schedule. This proactive approach allows us to incorporate anticipated cost increases into our budgets at every design stage.

RCM feels it is important the project Team quantify an appropriate contingency to help mitigate any unforeseen problems with escalation and lead times.

Examples of RCM’s Design Assist efforts include the following:
  1. Conducting Cost/Benefit Analysis to optimize HVAC systems, considering factors like DX versus Chilled Water Systems, prioritizing facility needs, patient experience, and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Identifying and prioritizing long lead items, such as chillers and air handling units, enabling early procurement and adherence to project schedules.
  3. Providing BIM modeling concurrent with design development, expediting the start of underground piping systems to meet slab on grade pour dates for projects like replacement hospital facilities.